I smell a sequel…

Hello everyone,

Progress has been slow to say the least, and life seems very determined to slow us down, but the second book in the ‘101 ways’ series is getting closer to completion every day!

Thanks to George Haynes’ fantastic art ability, the illustrations are brimming with life, and the writing is falling into place.

As was promised in mid October (was it really that long ago?!), the title of the book would eventually be revealed, and so, here it is….

the second book of the series is titled…



Whilst the book will not be hitting your shelves until the new year, keep your eyes peeled for some exclusive sneak peeks of the illustrations!

And if you haven’t read the first in the series ‘101 Ways to kill your Friend’ why not do so? it’s only £4.99 on Amazon, and you can get a copy here!

And another thing…

Something really awesome will be coming your way really soon!

Last year, Myself and my illustrator friend George Haynes published our first collaborative book ‘101 Ways to Kill Your Friend’

Well, we are currently busy working away on the second book in the series, and it is nearly completed!

Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of October for the grand title reveal! (and perhaps a sneak peek at some of George’s fantastic new illustrations)


In the meantime I shall try to post some more poetry, and perhaps a couple of book reviews too… it’s about time I got back into the swing of things!

National Poetry day 2016

Hello everyone!

It has been so long since I’ve written anything for my blog… (thank university for that)

I really should try to update you guys more frequently!

Well today is National Poetry Day, and what kind of poet wouldn’t take that as an opportunity for inspiration? The theme was ‘messages’ so, here are my thoughts for this year:



Are you receiving this?

The message says sent…

But not yet delivered,

I wonder where it went?

Lost in the aether,

Transmitted to space,

Among satellite arrays

and digital displays,

Beamed across the world.


The notification,

A message, received,

Bringing hopes from far away,

Bringing dreams and fears,

Love and tears,

Words, tossed around

Endlessly, like raindrops falling on a windowsill,

Our lives,

Our messages,




I’m not dead, I promise!

Hello everyone, long time no see!

Just to reassure you, I am indeed STILL ALIVE, I have just been quiet on the writing front these past few months.

With it being near the end of the academic year, workloads have come to a head, so that has naturally needed to come first.

That does not mean that I have not been hard at work though, quite the opposite actually. I have been working tirelessly on two projects, both hitting your shelves by the end of this year!

More importantly, one of these projects will be hitting shelves tomorrow, June 1st.

It has been kept under wraps, and hard at work,  but I have been doing something a little different. I have been working closely over the last 9 months with the Creative Writing society at my university, and with them we have created an anthology of stories!

The book, titled ‘Echoes of Infinity’ is a collection of their own work and creative ideas. it stands as a testament that if you persist an persevere, you can achieve anything.

it has been a pleasure working with them, and I hope you will all enjoy reading their book as much as I have

Echoes of Infinity is released tomorrow (June 1st)

Book Review -‘Write Nothing’ by Penny Gotch

As you know, I have a soft spot for poetry. it is (perhaps) my favourite form of literature. So, when I was asked if I would like to review Penny Gotch’s new poetry book ‘Write Nothing’ I jumped at the chance.

Write_Nothing_Cover_for_Kindle [234298]

My initial thoughts were that the content shared some similarities with Gotch’s previous work ‘Under the Tree’ which I think provides a good way in for new readers, and a strand of continuity for previous readers to pick up the flow of the book.

The majority of the content within this book focuses upon a theme of life relationships, which is something people can easily connect to with their own experiences. Whilst some poems could be said to focus on the more depressive side of relationships, it is done so very well, with powerful imagery driving home the concept of each poem.

While there may be a theme, the poems themselves each take a different stance, adding a refreshing element to the book. no two poems are exactly alike, and each seem to focus on the them from a different and engaging angle. One poem in particular really caught my interest through its clever use of the reader themselves to fill in parts of the poem, essentially creating two poems at once. upon reading, this poem is particularly powerful as by simply switching some of the suggested words, the imagery becomes powerfully different.

The development in skill can be seen, with this being Gotch’s 3rd poetry book you can see the refinement in imagery and her use of language. this helps to create a more powerful background to the poems themselves, and this could be argued as her best short poetry book yet.

Overall, this short and snappy poetry book is a welcome addition to any bookshelf, and it’s powerful imagery and content makes it well worth the read.

‘Write Nothing’ is released on March 31st.

To check out more of Penny Gotch’s work, visit her author page here.

‘Life in Three Lines’ – OUT NOW!!

Hello again everybody

Well, today’s the day! As of right now, ‘Life in Three Lines’ I officially available for you to buy and put on your bookshelves!

Head over to here to pick up your copy today.

It is still hard to believe that this is my third book… I have comes so far over the course of the last year and a half.

There is no rest for the wicked though, and the next few projects are beginning to get underway. Keep your ears peeled in the near future for more exciting updates on what’s coming next!

Life in Three Lines – Cover reveal!!

Hello again everyone,

We are getting very close to the release of ‘Life in Three Lines’ now, with only 10 days to go until it is available!

With that in mind, I thought I would share with you something exciting…


cover (front)

So, there it is…

What do you guys think? Feel free to let me know in the comments section!


Once a year the day comes round,

To spend the day romantically,

Except for those who completely forgot,

Trying to find a gift frantically,

A day to spend curled up in your loved ones arms,

Feel the comfort of their warm embrace,

Perhaps an exciting or secret surprise,

Who doesn’t like the thrill of the chase?

Some people send roses, cards or chocolates,

Some send poems that rhyme,

But really all I need to know is,

Will you be my valentine?

Something published this way comes…

Hello again everyone,

Today I have some exciting news for you all…

over the course of 2015 I wrote a haiku a day for the entire year… see here if you missed it

Well today comes the next chapter in the haiku saga! (not a great name but I’m rolling with it)

I have been busy compiling all of these haiku’s together in one place, and have created a book out of them!

The book, titled ‘Life in Three Lines’ will be an collective anthology of each haiku that it wrote last year (and perhaps some bonus material too)

So, make sure to mark this date on your calendars, as on FEBRUARY 29th, ‘Life in Three Lines’ will be available for your bookshelves!

Keep your eyes peeled soon for an exclusive look at the cover!

I’m Back!!

Hello again everyone!!

That’s right, I am back from my break!

I have had a wonderful few weeks just resting and having some time to myself, but now I am back into business!!

Already February is shaping up to be a brilliant month, with the potential release of a third book coming very soon!! (more details on that later)

2016 is in full swing, and I intend to make it the best year yet!

Keep your eyes posted for more writings, updates and exciting things coming your way!